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The exact moment Ace touched the formation of the luminous library treasury. Inside Jade Pavilion's private room Dion frowns his eyebrows as he takes a grey crystal card with mysterious patterns on it. 

This was the key card of the luminous city's treasury! But this grey card was sparkling brightly a moment ago and suddenly returned to its dormant state.

Dion knows what that shine means, it means someone is messing with the treasury! 

'Did that old witch lose her mind' Dion instantly thought of Aspen but quickly threw that notion out of his head, 'That old witch didn't have the guts to do it. But why is this key returned to its dormant state after a moment of warning Was it a false alarm'

Dion first thought that it should be some minor problem but frown after thinking that formation on the treasury was not so simple and if the alarm goes off that means someone is not right there. 

In front of Dion was sitting non-other than Vance Golden! 

They were here because Dion wanted to discuss something with Vance and they were just sitting there when the formation key gave Dion a warning. 

Vance was very knowledgeable, seeing the crystal card in Dion's hand he instantly knows this was a Key Formation, Crystal Card. But wasn't interested in the treasury of this barren place so he didn't think much of it. 

Dion also didn't put this treasury in his eyes that's why he carelessly take the key card in front of Vance. After all the important stuff was inside his storage ring. Furthermore, who dares to rob the city under his kingdom's protection 

"Master Vance please give me a moment, I think there is a trivial problem." Dion politely apologized. 

Vance coolly said, "Don't worry about this old man you can check in peace."

Dion smile as he takes out a formation plate, it was an exact copy of Aspen's! 

With it, Dion can check the situation of the library anytime he wanted to if he was in the range of the formation that is. But the range of that formation was quite big so he didn't have any trouble seeing the situation inside the library.

At this time Ace has already left the library.

When Dion saw Aspen laying there motionlessly while holding the formation plate between her hand, his eyes narrowed.

'Something is not right.' He quickly checks the upper floor and his expression turn shock to ugly and in end, it was as dark as charcoal.

Because first, Dion saw every floor except the first floor's books included shelves are missing and when he saw the fourth floor was missing its entire treasury, his eyes nearly popped out their sockets. 

"W-WHO…WHO DARE! WHAT AUDACITY!!" Dion can't control his emotions seeing the entire library empty and bark out loud in ferocity.

Vance saw Dion's ugly mug full of fury and was quite shocked by his howl, "What happened, Grand Prince" He was also alarmed.

Dion and Vance were on the fourteenth floor, when Dion roar angrily it even reached the fifteenth floor and even Zelda and Layla were alert by it.

With Layla's power, she and Zelda appeared outside of the private room where Vance and Dion were meeting. But one can only see Zelda, Layla was still hidden. 

At this moment another fiery yet astonished voice resounded, "IT'S HIM!! IT'S UNMISTAKABLY HIM"

Vance saw Dion's expression changed between violence and excitement when he roars and could help but promptly asked, "What you're talking about Who 'him'" 

Vance couldn't help but think, 'Is he gone mad or something'

Dion can't help but yell out loud with emotion, "THAT THIEF! IT'S THAT THIEF WE'VE BEEN SEARCHING FOR! Heaven truly opens its eyes. Hahahaha." He even forgets about the missing treasury!

Vance's calm expression instantly turn rapturous and filled with excitement and eagerness. He anxiously asked, "W-where is he" 

He wanted to snatch that formation plate but someone else beat him in it. 

Dion's joyous expression was somewhat sour when he saw someone has snatched the formation plate from his hands and wanted to attack when he felt a pressure hundred, no, thousands of times strong than his own. 

Even Vance didn't dare to utter another word after feeling this pressure and see the beautiful person in a veil standing there holding the formation plate with horrified eyes. 

'Qi River Core Realm Expert! But how the hell this kind of existence appeared in this place' Vance's experience wasn't shallow and instantly guess the power level of this veiled woman since his brother was himself a step away from reaching Qi River Core Realm. 

Vance and Dion's eyes instantly shift on Zelda who was curiously yet with excited eyes standing behind that terrifying woman.

Vance's face fell even more, if this woman was with that girl and really at this terrifying realm then his chance of obtaining the Blood Rose instantly reached rock bottom! 

'I have to fight with her if this is the last thing I do!' He was ready to bet his life on the line for Blood Rose.

On the other hand, Dion has different thoughts, 'Now that thief has finally appeared, I can assuredly be freed from this damn place.' He was just happy about leaving his darn place.

When Layla and Zelda heard Dion's saying the thief is finally here, Layla couldn't control herself and instantly appeared while snatching the formation plate from Dion. 

She looked the same thing as Dion with bewilderment and when she saw the fourth floor almost half empty area and remain of the treasury. 

'This… How could some have this big of a space to store the entire treasury' Layla instantly noticed the main strange yet extraordinary point that Dion overlooked in excitement.

The next moment her eyes landed on the wanted poster of Ace that they spread all over the land of cities just a month ago. On top, it was written few words, 

Want to catch me, a Great Thief 

Tsk, tsk, you're too green for that! 

Try in another hundred years.

And remember this Great Thief's name:


This was Ace's great exit act. 

First, he wanted to use the name of Heaven's Stealer but refrain from it because this name is too damn arrogant and he knew it is bound to have a shocking history behind it. 

That is why he chose the Sky Stealer, it was arrogant as well but earthlier. He did all this to get rid of that 'Slippery Rat' title and most importantly to raised the system's evaluation. 

Since his wanted posters were all over the land of cities it doesn't matter to him if people search for him more passionately because this picture of him is old and no one sees his change and mature appearance except for Bill.

As for this name not reaching the masses Ace wasn't worried about it either because he already takes care of it before the beginning of the thievery. 

"Sky Stealer," Layla mumbles softly as a cold glint flashed past her eyes. 

She was a little angry now because this was a kind of slap on everyone's face who were searching for him and an arrogant act of provocation in Layla's eyes. 

This little thief was retaliating and openly taunting them while stealing from the Luminous City and insolently leaving behind this note on his wanted poster.

One had to know the power behind them spend quite some resources in finding him but failed in the end. And now out of nowhere he pops up and slaps their faces this feels like a poisonous ant bite.

Eight minutes have passed since Ace steal the treasury of the luminous city.

Layla coolly threw the formation plate back to Dion who was smiling like an idiot, he caught the formation plate and ask, "What instruction did the Lady has for this prince"

Dion knew the real in charge of the whole matter was this terrifying woman and Zelda was just the front. With her here how could that thief will able to escape

Vance who was sweating profoundly also speak with a forced smile, "This old man also waits for the Lady's instruction."

He knew he can't beat her in a frontal confrontation but can find that thief first! But first, he has to leave this room.

Zelda also saw all this and her aunt's cold eyes, she knew Layla was furious and didn't say anything. But inside she was quite curious to find just what that thief did to piss her aunt off.

"Little niece, go and order all the men to lock down the entire city with our barrier formation!" Layla indifferently said, "And I'll search for him. I also wanted to see just how great this self-proclaim 'Sky Stealer' truly is."

Layla gave her order and instantly vanished. 

Zelda didn't delay as she quickly leave to complete the task. 

Dion and Vance smile wryly. That thief piss that terrifying woman and he was in for it now.

Layla instantly appeared outside of the Jade pavilion as five strange dark rings appeared in her white soft fingers, and close her eyes.

Spontaneously, a huge formless aura began to spread in the surroundings and covers the entire city in a minute! 

She finally felt a strange aura moving at high speed towards the city gate, 'Heh, finally found you, little rascal.'

But before she could chase after him it suddenly vanished!-

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